Saweetie and Lizzo want to do a “food verzuz”

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Saweetie and Lizzo want to do a “food verzuz”

Saweetie and Lizzo are proud, certified foodies. So, what do you think would happen when the two artists go head-to-head in a hypothetical food Verzuz? Well, we may find out soon enough.

In a recent interview with Power 106 LA, Lizzo commented on the potential matchup after hosts brought up a video of her eating a pickle dog dipped in peanut butter. “Here’s the thing, y’all just think Saweetie eats random combinations. It’s not that uncommon, people be eating like that, it’s just don’t nobody talk about it. Because it’s so, you know.” The “Tap In” rapper is known for her oddly, experimental food combinations like Capri Sun Hot Cheetos, spaghetti with ranch dressing, and ramen noodle seasoning on oysters.

“Capri Sun Hot Cheetos?” the Yitty designer joked. “She’s on to something! My food combinations are f**king disgusting. I’ll do mustard and watermelon. It’s just…we not the same! … But I do s**t that’s unthinkable, that makes people…yeah. It makes them gag.”

However, Lizzo didn’t shut down the notion of a food Verzuz completely. She instead boldly issued the challenge. “Okay Saweetie, you gonna do coconut water and berries? Smoothie cereal? … I don’t know, I’m the vegan version, that’s it.”

Upcoming Verzuz battles include a Mother’s Day special, a boxing “Fight Night Music” special featuring Cypress Hill vs. Onyx, and a Memorial Day weekend special. Earlier this month, Mary Mary faced off against BeBe and CeCe Winans for the Easter Verzuz special.