Save The Fishing Industry Appeals An Opposition MP

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Save The Fishing Industry Appeals An Opposition MP

The Government is being urged to take decisive and urgent action to save the fishing industry and safeguard a primary source of nutritious food.

It’s an appeal coming from Member of Parliament for Mayaro, Rushton Paray.

MP Paray said the protest by fishermen of the South-East Coast on Tuesday, and prior similar demonstrations in other communities, was prompted by the escalating cost of fuel.

In a media release Wednesday MP Paray said the most recent price increase is the final straw in making the fishing occupation unfeasible.

He claimed within three years, the fisherfolk community has seen the cost of fuel double, a situation that has been compounded by smaller catches, as a result of worsening sea pollution.

MP Paray claimed in addition, consumers’ buying power has been badly affected by the loss of jobs, closures of small businesses, and the ever-climbing cost of living.

The result of the disastrous chain of events is that the fishing value chain is in danger of imminent collapse, with consumers unable to afford or access this popular and healthy food item.

MP Paray is once again strongly implore the Government to reduce the price of fuel for the country’s distressed fishing community.

MP Paray said in doing so, the livelihoods of thousands of hardworking fishermen would be preserved, and end-users would be assured of steady supplies at reasonable costs.

The Mayaro MP said the Government’s refusal to intervene would create a disastrous state of affairs for both the fishing community and consumers urging the authorities to display sensitivity and good governance on this issue.