Santa Cruz man charged with possession of gun, ammo

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Santa Cruz man charged with possession of gun, ammo

A 20-year-old man is expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate today charged with possession of a firearm and a quantity of ammunition.

KEYSHAWN CHARLES, of Felix Garcia Terrace, Bamboo Trace, Santa Cruz, was charged on February 16th by PC Nanan of the North-Eastern Division Task Force (NEDTF), following a foot chase which occurred during the early hours of February 15th.

While NEDTF were patrolling Petit Curacaye Road, Santa Cruz, they observed a group of men on the roadway acting suspiciously. As NEDTF officers approached the group, the men dispersed, running in different directions.

A foot pursuit ensued during which NEDTF officers allegedly saw one of the suspects pointing a firearm in the direction of the lawmen. One Task Force Officer, fearful for his life and that of his colleagues, discharged one round from his police-issued firearm at the suspect. The man was subsequently held a short distance away and allegedly found to be in possession of a Firestorm .45 calibre pistol which contained seven rounds of .45 ammunition.

CHARLES was later charged with the offence of possession of firearm and ammunition following investigations.