Sangre Grande police officers catch bandits

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Sangre Grande police officers catch bandits

Two men have been apprehended after several reports, including robbery and larceny, were made in the Sangre Grande area involving a dark Toyota NZE.

In the first instance, a 35-year-old proprietor reported that a man, light brown in complexion, slim build with a side bag and grey bandana covering his face, entered his home and announced a hold up.

The victim armed himself with his licensed firearm and fired at the suspect, who escaped in a dark coloured Toyota NZE.

The second report, made by a cashier at a wholesale and retail business, stated that she was approached by a man who held onto a concealed object in his waist and announced a hold up.

He relieved her of three packs of cigarettes and $300 cash. The suspect fitted the description of the previous report.

The proceeding report by a 19-year-old cashier stated, while conducting sales she placed her phone next to the register.

A man, fitting the same description as previously mentioned, entered the supermarket and she informed him that he could not enter with the bag.

The suspect left. On checking for her mobile, she discovered it missing.

The final report stated that two men attempted to break into the home of a 57-year-old man. The homeowner stated that he received an alert from his security company around 2.30 pm on November 11th 2020.

Upon checking the surveillance footage, he noted two men attempting to enter his home, who fled using the vehicle in question after the alarm was triggered.

One of the men matched the description of the suspect in the previous reports.

The men, ages 20 and 23 were intercepted by officers of the Sangre Grande Police Station around 3.15pm on the day in question.

On searching the vehicle, the officers found two packs of cigarettes, one round of 5.56 ammunition and one Samsung Note 10 plus cell phone which was later positively identified as belonging to the 19- year-old cashier.

The men were taken to the Sangre Grande Station where investigations are continuing