Sangre Grande cops save 4-year-old girl experiencing seizure

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Sangre Grande cops save 4-year-old girl experiencing seizure

A 31-year-old woman and her four-year-old daughter are thanking God for another opportunity at life after a frightening ordeal last week along the Cunapo Southern Main Road, Sangre Grande.

Shivon Scipio and her daughter, Samyiah Miracle Ramkissoon, of Sangre Grande, were in a van on January 5th when the child began experiencing a seizure.

The mother and the driver of the vehicle, while trying to gain control of the situation, spotted a police cruiser on patrol. It was the saving grace they needed.

First responders, WPC Merissa Wright-Garib and PC Allister David of the Sangre Grande Police Station, Eastern Division, alighted from the police vehicle and immediately rendered aid.

WPC Merissa Wright-Garib

The police officers placed the mother and child into their vehicle and whisked them away to the Sangre Grande General Hospital where a team of doctors and nurses attended to Samyiah. The girl was discharged the following day.
Upon following up, WPC Wright-Garib was informed that Samyiah has multiple brain tumours and will have to undergo several procedures.

PC Allister David

The cop, who is in any way trying to assist the child, said, “When I go to work, it is about fulfilling purpose and accomplishing all that God will have me to. Really, it was God orchestrating this. He alone must get the glory.”
Anyone wishing to provide assistance to Samyiah Miracle Ramkissoon can contact the Eastern Community-Oriented Policing Section at 668-2313.