Sando Mayor chats with vendors on the way forward

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Sando Mayor chats with vendors on the way forward

Following the recent Public Notice regarding the temporary suspension of vending on High Street, senior members of the San Fernando High Street Clothing Vendors Association visited San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello at his office today, to discuss the way forward for vending on High Street.

The President of the Association, Ms. Joseph, shared several instances where persons, not belonging to the association, had been taking advantage of the goodwill extended by Council to seventy (70) regular vendors over the Christmas season.

Mayor Junia Regrello while speaking with the vendors said “during that time, I was appalled to see the number almost tripled and had persisted until Monday of this week. For this reason, the steps taken to pause vending until further notice was necessary.”

A list with the regular vendors has since been submitted by the President of the Association, as well as guidelines which will be considered for the supply of vendor badges.

The San Fernando City Corporation said it will continue to manage the situation on the advice of Council and the High Street Clothing Vendors Association, in going forward.