Sanchez mourning the death of his mother

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Sanchez mourning the death of his mother

Veteran Jamaican artist Sanchez is in mourning following the sudden passing of his mother.
Reports indicate that Sanchez lost his mother, Bridgette Gardner Ivey, who resided in Canada, at the age of 74-years-old. The singer was reportedly too distraught to issue a statement.

However, his wife, Monica, who gave some more details about how Ivey died. According to her, Ivey was diagnosed with cancer and was given three to six months to live, she told the Star. Over the weekend, she stopped talking, and while the family had hopes that things would get better, she passed away early on the morning of April 19.

She also shared that Ivey was in a lot of pain prior to her death and that doctors had given morphine through IV to help manage it.

Monica also revealed that Sanchez, whose real name is Kevin Jackson, had no words to express his grief and that he was not really speaking to anyone since his mother’s passing. She added that while everyone was saddened at her passing, they were also grateful that she would no longer have to suffer.

The “My God is Real” singer’s mother left Jamaica for Canada many years ago. She was the mother of five, including Sanchez, who is the oldest. Monica also shared that Ivey was a very devout Christian.

“It was in the church that Kevin’s talent was first recognized, and singing gospel songs is always special to him. He and his mother shared a special bond and any time we had shows in Canada, we would always make the time to go and see her and sometimes overnight at her home. It was always a pleasure,” she added.

Sanchez has always had a special place for gospel music, and much of that message has permeated his music over the years. The renowned singer was inducted into the International Gospel Hall of Fame in 2003. Condolences go out to him and his family in this trying time.