Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10: The Power and Experience of a PC in your Pocket


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10: The Power and Experience of a PC in your Pocket

It’s here…Samsung’s mobile devices are designed to help people navigate the constant flow between work and everyday life. However, there are moments when frequent flyers, entrepreneurs and students need a complete computer experience.

Among the many new updates and features coming with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, is a revamped take on DeX, Samsung’s desktop-like software that is powered by the phone. While prior versions of DeX required you to plug the phone into a monitor and use a mouse and keyboard paired to it, the new version lets you plug a Note 10 into a Windows or Mac computer and brings up a window with all of your phone’s apps that is accessible from your desktop or laptop computer.

Not only can you remotely control your phone and use the apps installed on it without ever taking your hands off of your computer’s keyboard, but you can also drag and drop files from your desktop to your phone and vice versa.

The Note10 is ideal for working on the go, but for all the power of a PC, users have Samsung DeX. DeX gives that experience similar to that of a PC – with a monitor, mouse and keyboard – all powered by your Galaxy phone.

To access it, download the official Samsung DeX website on the PC or Mac, start the Samsung DeX PC installer, and connect the smartphone to the computer. Once everything is set up, the program will automatically start Samsung DeX through a window on the computer screen.

DeX has become Samsung’s answer for the convergence of various devices, as it allows you to have a desktop-like interface with just a phone or tablet, blending what you get on an iPad with what a Windows 10 tablet offers.

Integration with Microsoft

With the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, an important step was taken in the integration of key services in the Note10 in the unification of the PC-to-mobile experience. We need all our devices to be portable, connected and powerful. And now it is possible.

To help users work more comfortably and efficiently, the Galaxy Note10 has Windows Link integrated directly into its Quick Panel. Now, instead of jumping from one screen to another, users can easily connect their Galaxy Note10 to their Windows 10 PC and duplicate their phone’s screen, send and receive messages and notifications, and view up to 25 recent photos directly from their computers.