Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra – S pen

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra – S pen

The Note 20’s S Pen feels better than pen and paper

You get a fast response time and smooth a pen-to-paper feel. Scribbling notes on the Note20 Ultra panel feels completely natural to the point you forget you’re writing on a screen.

New S Pen tricks are addictive: There are some Anywhere actions, which is built on the Air Actions from the Galaxy Note 10 series.

You can return to the home screen, take a screen shot, return to a recent app and more through various gestures. But it will take some practice before you can remember every gesture-based Anywhere action.



The Note 20 Ultra is smart enough to time sync your notes along with voice recordings, so you can hear what was being said right when you scribbled down that thought. I tried recording a voice memo in the Samsung Notes app, and sure enough, I could see the words I wrote highlighted as I played back the clip.

  1. To start, open the Samsung Notes app and then tap Add (the plus sign).
  2. Tap the Insert icon (it looks like a paper clip), and then tap Voice recordings.
  3. A timer will display at the top of the note, and the app will automatically begin recording.

In addition, the Samsung Notes app now makes it easier to find your notes with a more PC-like file folder structure. The software can even straighten out your handwriting. How cool is that!