Samsung Electronics Announces Earnings Guidance for 2Q 2020


Samsung Electronics Announces Earnings Guidance for 2Q 2020

Samsung Electronics announced its earnings guidance for the second quarter of 2020:

  • Consolidated Sales: Approximately 52 trillion Korean won (approx. USD 43 billion)
  • Consolidated Operating Profit: Approximately 8.1 trillion Korean won (approx. USD 6.7 billion)

The above estimates are based on K-IFRS (Korean International Financial Reporting Standards). Korean disclosure regulations do not allow earnings estimates to be offered as a range. To comply with such regulations, the above figures represent the median of the estimate ranges provided below:

  • Sales: 51 ~ 53 trillion Korean won (USD 42.5 ~ 44.2 billion)
  • Operating Profit: 8.0 ~ 8.2 trillion Korean won (USD 6.7 ~ 6.8 billion)


Note: The estimates include a one-time gain related to the display business.


2020 1Q and 2019 2Q consolidated figures based on K-IFRS are as follows

(in trillion won) 2020.1Q 2019.2Q
Sales 55.33 (USD 46.04B) 56.13 (USD 46.8B)
Operating profit 6.45 (USD 5.4B) 6.60 (USD 5.5B)