Sam Smith Shares Body Positivity Message Before Christmas


Sam Smith Shares Body Positivity Message Before Christmas

British musician and superstar Sam Smith has shared a moving message about body positivity on social media in the run-up to Christmas.

Taking to Instagram, the singer has urged fans to “love our fluctuating bodies”, and spoken about their struggles over dealing with body issues, especially in the festive period.

“Christmas time is upon us,” the message begins. “This time of the year always triggers tricky body issues with me. I love me some mince pies and all the trimmings, and I always find I gain a bit of weight during this time.

“I’m writing this out to you all, but also writing this for myself. Let’s make sure we remind our bodies during this time that no matter what weight we are, we are deserving of love and acceptance.

Smith continued: Let’s love our fluctuating bodies. Look in that mirror and shower that reflection with Christmas kindness. Be super soft. It’s an everyday struggle for me. You aren’t alone xx”

It’s not the first time that Smith has spoken boldly about body image. In a 2015 interview Smith said that issues with his body would always be a battle in his head, adding that; “I still feel pressured to look a certain way. For women, the pressure in this industry is horrendous and it’s got to stop. But it’s the same for guys, even though they won’t speak about it.”

He continued: “I want to be a voice for that: just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean that I’m happy and content with my body. Because of the media, and because of what I feel I should look like, it’s always going to be a battle in my head.”

Earlier this year, Smith revealed in a new interview that they identify as non-binary, and spoke of “a war within my body”. Smith then asked fans to refer to them with gender neutral “them/they” pronouns, calling it “an exciting and groundbreaking time”.