Safaree catches fire for his reaction to Erica Mena’s pregnancy news


Safaree catches fire for his reaction to Erica Mena’s pregnancy news

Safaree catches some heat for his reaction to Erica Mena telling him she is pregnant on Love and Hip Hop.

The reality star has been vocal about his desire not to have other children before, but his reaction to the announcement that his wife is pregnant with their second child was not taken well by Safaree Samuels.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member could not hide his emotions and appeared upset at Erica Mena when she told him she was pregnant again, barely a year after their first child Majesty was born.

Safaree has been on the internet’s sh*t list for the past few weeks as the drama between him, and Mena came to a head when the trying artist took Mena to court to force her to be there for the birth of their son Legend. Fans who were convinced by the sincerity of Safaree in being there for his son was shocked to see after the baby is born prematurely and placed in NICU – Safaree goes on a birthday party spree to Jamaica while Mena deals with their son in NICU.

Erica Mena, on the other hand, has not failed to accuse Safaree of neglecting her and the newborn baby, as he parties in Miami with a woman she called out on the internet.

Now, a video showing his reaction to the pregnancy news has surfaced as the first episode of the reality show returns to TV following an almost year-long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, Safaree and Erica sat at a table for two as she breaks the news that she’s twenty-three weeks pregnant, and she shows him a video of the ultrasound. A shocked Safaree asks Erica, “So wait you’re pregnant?” to which she replies – “We’re pregnant.”

As if waiting for the news to sink in, Safaree takes a while as he remains silent then asks her how many weeks along she was. After being silent again, Safaree says that he didn’t want another baby.

“You know how I feel, [pause] about having more kids,” Safaree said.

A concerned Erica asks him if he’s sad or upset, to which he replies- “I don’t know what I am…we just started getting a rhythm with Maji and now we have to start all over again?” he says to Erica.

Safaree had previously caught flack for his stance on having more kids, once saying he didn’t like Erica’s body when she was pregnant.

On the other hand, Erica Mena has been recovering from her pregnancy and even shared a photograph of her bounce back with a visibly flat stomach and curves.

The pair seems headed to divorce initiated by Mena, who accused Safaree of being selfish and not a good father to his own daughter months ago.

Safaree also appeared to make light of the situation. “I can’t stand him!!!! SMFH,” he joked under the clip announcing the pregnancy under a post by the official Love and Hip Hop page on Instagram.