Saddam says time for crime talks done, action needed now

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Saddam says time for crime talks done, action needed now

San Juan/Barataria MP, Saddam Hosein, said government shouldn’t waste time holding public conversations about the crime problem, especially if they have no plan.

He made the statement during a UNC media briefing on Thursday.
It follows plans by the government to host public conversations on the crime situation.

Hosein said “The time for talk is done, the time for action is now.”

He said if the government wants to engage the Opposition on crime there is a Parliament floor where they can outline their plans.

However, Hosein said government has failed to produce a concrete plan for fighting crime.

He said: “Respectfully Prime Minister, I think the time for talking is done. Now is the time for action and if you cannot deal with the crime, I think it’s time you call a general election and let the people select a new government with a new mandate to protect citizens because you have failed when it comes to one of the most primary responsibilities which is to keep citizens safe,”

“The Prime Minister could talk all he wants, what we need is a plan. We need special anti-crime measures all year round, not just for Carnival.”