Russian spas now use fish for facials

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Russian spas now use fish for facials

A woman received a facial exfoliation thanks to dozens of tiny fish in a spa in Russia.

Footage taken in the city of Kalugo on August 26, 2021 shows the female customer placing a snorkel in her mouth before dipping her face into the fish tank full of Red garra, also known as doctor fish. The creatures immediately swarmed her to nibble on her cheeks, chin, and forehead.

The doctor fish are believed to eat away bits of dead skin, allegedly giving clients softer and smoother skin when they are done.

Onlooker Chester said: “Each snorkel tube is new and printed out in front of the customers. The water is also cleaned and filtered each time, while there are separate tanks for fish pedicures.”

The practice is said to have originated in the Middle East, but has been banned in parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe for safety and hygienic reasons.