Russia to start mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19

Russia to start mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19

Russian health authorities are preparing to start a mass vaccination campaign against coronavirus in October.

Russia, which has seen the effects of coronavirus pandemic strain its health-care system and lockdown measures hit its economy, has shortened trial approval times and sped up clinical evaluations in an attempt to assert itself in the race for vaccine.

Russian media quoted states that doctors and teachers would be the first to receive the vaccine.

Reuters, citing anonymous sources, said Russia’s first potential vaccine would be approved by regulators this month.

However, some experts are concerned at Russia’s fast-track approach.

Leading infectious disease expert in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci, said he hoped that Russia – and China – were “actually testing the vaccine” before administering them to anyone.
Dr Fauci has said that the US should have a “safe and effective” vaccine by the end of this year.