Russia Hints At Annexing The Ukrainian City Of Kherson

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Russia Hints At Annexing The Ukrainian City Of Kherson

Russia has given another strong hint that it plans to annex large parts of Ukraine – starting with Kherson in the south, which is already controlled by Russian forces.

According to the BBC, a pro-Moscow official there, installed when elected leaders were removed at gunpoint, says Kherson will appeal to Vladimir Putin directly to incorporate the region into Russia.

The Kremlin spokesman said any such move would need what he called a clear “legal” basis. That could mean holding a sham referendum to claim popular support.

The Ukrainian military is making gains in fighting elsewhere, pushing Russian troops from territory to the north of Kharkiv.

But after losing ground in the east, Ukraine has now suspended use of a major pipeline there. It says fuel is being stolen from the Sokhranivka route – and diverted to Russian-backed forces.

Though, suspending the pipeline will cause significant disruption for gas supplies from Russia to Europe.