Russia and China Are Building A New World Order

Russia and China Are Building A New World Order

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have secured the path to power for life. At the same time, in front of US President Donald Trump, they have effectively rebuilt the next world order. The two of them did not do it together. Trump’s uncertainty and recklessness have both helped them in that endeavour, said in an CNN analysis.

Even if someone is elected in the next US presidential election, the hope that he will be able to take the world back to its former state is now very vague. Because Putin and Xi Jinping are rocking the world with full control of their country’s power. They are working hard On the other hand, Trump is painting the world with indelible ink, which may not be erased. Putin and Xi’s power grab is not a coincidence. It is their long cherished dream.

Last week, a so-called referendum on amending Russia’s constitution confirmed Putin in power for life. At the same time, Xi enacted a new security law to take control of Hong Kong in an inhumane way. The influence that both Russia and China have built on, it seems that the United States does not have the determination to resist, nor will it in the future.

David Ignatius wrote an article in the Washington Post this week about Putin’s power in Russia. There wrote, Putin believes the United States has destroyed his former country, the Soviet Union. That’s why he wants the United States to suffer.

The White House has named Trump the world’s best negotiator to protect US interests in the world. But experts say they feel Trump is also skeptical of his ability to implement his plans with other leaders. As a result, Putin only played with Trump. Trump’s flattering attitude towards Putin, his history-ignorance and lack of preparation have not only made the United States lose power, but also put national security at risk.

Xi’s experience with Trump is different again. Dispute between the two over trade. Trump is thinking of cornering Beijing by restricting Chinese trade. For this he also carried out various activities. The Trump administration has barred allies from adopting Chinese company Huawei’s Five-G technology. But they could not turn away from China. The result is a rift between the United States and its allies. China’s growing influence in the world system has been proven once again.