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Rowley:UNC operatives hired assassins to kill me twice

PM Dr Keith Rowley

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the PNM,s post budget in Belmont last night , claimed that on two occasions before the 2015 general elections UNC operatives hired assassins to kill him.

The Prime Minister also said that only last week, a assassination plot was uncovered, in which the target was Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

Dr Rowley said: “They were so desperate to remove me from the lineup in 2015 that on two occasions, they hired a killer to kill me. The first killer refused and determined that somebody has to know this, and went and told a government official”.

He also divulged that “when we were dealing with that, they went and found another one. He too refused. And by this time, Special Branch was involved, and Special Branch knew about it. There is honour among thieves in this country. It appears as though there is honour among killers too.”

Dr. Rowley also referenced the much denounced contribution by then Tobago MP Vernella Alleyne Toppin in Parliament suggesting that Dr Rowley was the product of a rape. He said do desperate were the UNC to destroy him in any way possible.