Rowley vows to be “first in line” for the vaccine

Rowley vows to be “first in line” for the vaccine

With recent television surveys showing that a large swathe of the population is fearful of taking the Covid19 vaccine, Prime Minister Dr Rowley has sought to allay those fears and has volunteered to be the first in line once a vaccine becomes available to this country.

Speaking yesterday, Rowley vowed to be “first in line” saying “Vaccinations have been with us and they have been shown to work. I trust the rigours of the scientific input at the labs.”
”So when WHO signs off on what is acceptable as a vaccine for the people of Trinidad and Tobago, I will be the first in line to have my vaccine,” Rowley said.

He recalled his primary school years when he got vaccinated for smallpox and then as a government minister, ensuring he was immunised so he could travel to Europe. He said vaccinations were around a long time and were proven to work.

Rowley said healthcare and elderly care providers would be in the first group for vaccination when it arrives. However, he said the promised numbers are being reduced and he would not be surprised if the first batch sent to T&T is not the percentage contained in the Government’s agreement.

The Health Minister said TT is expected to get doses of the vaccine in March via the Covax facility and was unperturbed by the timing.