Rowley unfazed by any JTUM-UNC union

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Rowley unfazed by any JTUM-UNC union

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is unbothered by recent statements by the Joint Trade Union Movement’s (JTUM) endorsing United National Congress (UNC) for the next general election.

According to a GML report, Rowley said: “We tasted that flavour in 2010, with great anticipation on the part of many. The only predictable outcome was chaos, confusion, lavish corruption and bitter disappointment.”

He added that following their support for the Partnership, “none of the country’s problems were addressed, far less to be successfully solved.”

The Prime Minister told the media house, “The PNM administrations which I lead did the opposite. We dutifully engaged many of the burning issues and treated with them within the best options available to the population.”

Dr Rowley admitted, “Not all solutions were or are painless so it is not surprising to hear or see others who are looking for opportunity misrepresent our national circumstances as failures, even as they can present no credible or reasonable alternatives.”

During Labour Day observances in Fyzabad on Wednesday, JTUM President Ancel Roget said the trade union umbrella body planned to form an alliance with the UNC to get the People’s National Movement out of government.