Rowley tells supporters to stand by and wait for the election call

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Rowley tells supporters to stand by and wait for the election call

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has placed his supporters and by extesion the nation on standby for the 2025 general elections.

Addressing a large crowd at the PNM Sports and Family Day on Sunday, Rowley said the party is ready to contest any polls and will confidently beat their rivals.

Rowley told the crowd:
“I ask you to stand by and wait for the call because, in the middle of the night, the dawn may not be too far away. Ladies and gentlemen, whenever they are ready, THA election, by-election, general election, we will beat them,” Rowley said.

He said the PNM was great in or out of office, as it does not end its mission on election day. He said an election day is only the start of the work programme, while for others, it is mission accomplished.

“And after that, it is five years of bacchanal, thieving, wrong certificate, drinking, drunk, and the hell with Trinidad & Tobago until the next election.”

Rowley said the PNM would call members to its convention to elect executive members, and he guaranteed it will not cause any upheaval because the PNM is Dr Eric Williams’ party.

He said the time has come for people to take great care in considering who they want to run their affairs, as some believe it is about giving people a chance. Rowley said the country once did that, giving the National Alliance for Reconstruction a chance, but they went up Chancellor Hill. He said when the People’s Partnership got the opportunity, it emptied the Treasury.

He said the PNM got a well-earned victory and can point to how it moved the country forward.