Rowley say Kamla lie! Gov’t accepted field hospitals in 2020

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Rowley say Kamla lie! Gov’t accepted field hospitals in 2020

Prime Minister, De. Neither Rowley in response to the Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar this afternoon said the UNC lied to the public about T&T receiving the field hospitals from the United States Government –

See Dr. Keith Rowley’s full statement below –

It has become the modus operandi of the Leader of the Opposition, Kamla Persad Bissesar and the UNC to engage in the most shameless acts of attempting to mislead the population and even to lie on other friendly ally countries like the United States of America.

The Leader of the Opposition is claiming that the generous, and appreciated donation, of two field hospitals from the Government of the United States of America has something to do with her utterances at a UNC meeting on Monday 10 May, 2021, this is a complete fabrication of untruth.

The two field hospitals that were generously donated by the United States Government are the result of an agreement dating back to September 2020 when the Ministry of National Security agreed to accept these field hospitals from the US.

The field hospitals arrived in Trinidad and Tobago a couple of weeks ago and the assembly of the first field hospital commenced on Monday 10 May, 2021. It is expected that both of these field hospitals will be assembled and operational by the end of this week.

Therefore, there is absolutely no truth to the claim by Kamla Persad Bissesar that these donations of field hospitals have anything to do with her call or request for same.

It is disturbing that the Leader of the Opposition in her continued struggle for political relevance would malign the US and claim credit for an initiative that was in train since 2020. This is yet another instance of the Leader of the Opposition and the UNC attempting to negatively impact this Country’s relationship with an ally sovereign country. Another recent example was the attempt to claim credit for the donation of AstraZeneca vaccines from India.

The Government rejects these desperate attempts by Kamla Persad Bissessar to mislead the population and takes the opportunity to assure the people of Trinidad and Tobago and its allies, like the United States of America and India, that we remain committed to taking decisions to protect our population and our friendship with other countries, even as we must fight off the lies of the UNC.

We thank the United States of America for their continued friendship and generosity in their donation of these two field hospitals and look forward to the continued strengthening of our relationship.