Rowley: PSC to make a recommendation for new Police Commissioner “any day now”

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Rowley: PSC to make a recommendation for new Police Commissioner “any day now”

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has thanked outgoing acting Police Commissioner, Mc Donald Jacob for his service and has assured the nation that a recommendation is forthcoming from the Police Service Commission (PSC) for this country’s new Police Commissioner.

While at Morne Coco Road on Sunday, where he stopped and visited the road rehabilitation works currently underway, Rowley told media that he was informed by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds that the PSC’s recommendation should come “any day now.”

Rowley noted, “The Minister of National Security advised the National Security Council that the Commission is far advanced in its exercise and should be in a position to make a recommendation for a commissioner in the substantive post anytime now and Mr Jacob is an applicant there, so I don’t know what the Commission is going to say or do in their advance to the Parliament by way of the office of the President.”

Regarding Jacob, the PM said: “We couldn’t see it being feasible to appoint an officer into a multi-year contract or an extended contract when the Commission is on the verge of making its recommendations.”

Rowley also revealed that he was engaging in talks with the Attorney General the TTPS and the National Security Council on responding to criminals.

“Early in March we are going to have a discussion on this matter as to how far we can go, how far we should go, what enforcement is lacking and what resources we’ll direct because it is a situation where we have to respond and responding in a way that people don’t feel that they could do the country with impunity with excuses that they don’t have this and they don’t have that,” Rowley said.