Rowley may need lawyer to defend lawsuit in High Court


Rowley may need lawyer to defend lawsuit in High Court

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley may soon need to address a lawsuit which was brought against him by the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT). The judicial review application was filed in the High Court Registry at the Hall of Justice.

    Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley

On Wednesday afternoon, LATT filed a lawsuit which alleges that Dr. Rowley rejected the details of an investigation conducted by the association, about alleged misconduct at the hands of Chief Justice Ivor Archie. According to sources, LATT is claiming that Dr. Rowley’s actions were unreasonable and irrational.  The report further states that Dr. Rowley did not fully assess the report and failed to perform his function as Prime Minister to fully investigate the matter. In his judgement, they added that he considered facts that were not relevant to the case. The association is also calling into question Rowley’s choice to seek advice from British Queen’s Coun­sel Howard Stevens, since his findings were flawed.

     Chief Justice Ivor Archie

In July, Dr. Rowley said that he would not invoke Section 137 to commence impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Ivor Archie. Since then, LATT has been holding discussions on the Prime Minister’s decision, leading the filing of the lawsuit in the High Court. The case was assigned to Jus­tice Vasheist Kokaram.