Roget: Fuel prices to be increased in upcoming budget

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Roget: Fuel prices to be increased in upcoming budget

President General of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union, Ancel Roget has stated that he knows “for a fact” that the price of fuel will be increased in the upcoming budget.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, at the union’s Paramount Building headquarters in San Fernando, Roget said, “We have confirmed information that in this new budget that is going to be presented by the Minister of Finance, they are going for the jugular…They are increasing the cost of fuel.”

He said some people believe once they do not own a vehicle, they will not be affected.

“But you yourself will be immediately caught up in the increased cost for transport, and as a result of the increase in transport, for goods and services.”

Roget said, “I’m not now going to share with you the source of the information that tells us that is coming in the budget.”

But, he added, “The formula was enunciated by the minister in the Parliament. He’s going to peg it to the increased price of oil, therefore fuel prices will go up.”

According to Roget this accounts for the “apparent rush” to buy vehicles before the next budget is read.