Robinson Regis reponds to Kamla’s ‘slavemaster’ name comments

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Robinson Regis reponds to Kamla’s ‘slavemaster’ name comments

However Chairman of the PNM National Women’s League Camille Robinson Regis says this simply isn’t so!

She said that at no time did she attempt to bully the Opposition Leader by speaking about her middle name in a derogatory manner.

She told News Power Now this morning that she has no idea what the UNC PRO is speaking about since nothing of the kind occurred on the PNM platform.

She insisted that she simply referred to the Opposition Leader by her Government name and questioned how that could be labeled bullying.

She said she did not know that Mrs Persad – Bissessar would be so offended by the use of her full Government name.

Mrs Robinson Regis said her full Government name comes with a history that makes her proud.

She noted she and others carry their names with pride stating that her parents were proud people who gave names to their children they felt suited them best.

She accused the Opposition Leader of fighting for her political survival.