RIK Services says it caters to all readers following backlash on “queer” books

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RIK Services says it caters to all readers following backlash on “queer” books

Following what it deemed as a robust discussion over a a series of books on sale at their outlets, which promote inclusivity for all sexes and orientations, RIK Services Limited said: “Never judge a book by its cover.”

In a release last evening, the local book chain stated:
“RIK Services Ltd. has served the interest of the public for almost half a century and is delighted to continue to do so.
We stand by our commitment to bookselling to all members of the public; regardless of gender affiliation or identity. We do not discriminate. We are a bookstore with one of the widest selections in Trinidad and Tobago that caters to the needs of our diverse population. We appreciate and respect all of our valued customers. All are welcome to our stores.”

RIK’s statement comes on the heels of an online petition, which is calling for a ban on several books now being offered for sale at RIK Services Ltd.

Using a photo of one of the books, titled “You are a Rainbow Too!,” as the backdrop, it had earned some 20,222 signatures up to last night.

It was launched by LADYD Moses, who stated, “Book will change the mindset of children at the primary level of their education. Parents will no longer have a say, which will be against human values. We must get many who are offended by this to take part in this action to ban this as they want to implement it for the new school term in September.”