Richards warns gov’t of hackers and other cyber security threats

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Richards warns gov’t of hackers and other cyber security threats

Taking note of the new digital world that we have all been thrust in, Independent Senator Paul Richards is now urging government to ensure the nation is protected against cyber-security threats.

Speaking in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon when the Finance Bill 2020 was being debated, Senator Richards commended government for their work in the digital environment and for the removal of taxes on mobile devices thus far, but pointed out that he didn’t hear much commentary on what we need to be vigilant about.

He said “There are opportunists that are bound in the world. And one of the red flags that have been raised in many jurisdictions as many people run to get devices, there are people and companies out there that will seek to exploit vulnerabilities.”

“If this is done without regulations or guidelines, many devices with “built-in malware and built-in bots” can be imported and pose a major threat to the country’s cyber-security.
“Recent threats include malware, web-based web application attacks, phishing, distribution denial, ransomware, cyber-espionage…”

Richards also called for strategic planning of our digital infrastructure, including digital literacy – not only at the school level but at the wider-society level and suggested a review of the cost of internet connectivity.

Additionally, he proposed a voucher system “by a means test to ensure that persons who are vulnerable are able to access a voucher that can pay for digital services and pay for internet services particularly in rural areas where persons are in the lower socioeconomic group.”