Retired judge says COP owes Jenny’s owner an apology

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Retired judge says COP owes Jenny’s owner an apology

Retired judge and former Minister of Justice, Herbert Volney, is calling on the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, to apologise to Jenny Dan-Sharma, owner of the popular restaurant Jenny’s On The Boulevard.

Officers entered the restaurant on Friday night, warning the manager that it was time to close.

In a social media post, Volney said he had been given the video footage to confirm that her restaurant had closed for the day 10-15 minutes before the official closing time of 10.00pm when the police party arrived on her premises in their numbers.

He said “they were shown and had noticed that the kitchen was closed off, that staff had assembled to leave and gathered on the portico, and a small group of guests awaiting Jenny to pay their bill. Paying their bill was actually held up beyond the conversation between the proprietor and the lead police officer.”

“I am told that what I have sight of was deferentially also sent to the Police at the nearby station yet the Commissioner reportedly offered very intemperate remarks clearly directed to the law abiding Jenny Sharma and reported in the Express in an article by Anna Ramdass.
Jenny does not serve spirits in tea cups. Any insinuation of this in the context is a pretext to engage in scandal and to bring the establishment into disrepute and public odium.”

Volney added “…I have no doubt that this has harmed Jenny who has a long-standing and upstanding record of good business practices, her known generosity and philanthropy apart. Let us hope that after this insult the Police in whatever association or incarnation can still ask Jenny for a ‘contribution’ for their numerous sports and social undertakings.
The Commissioner owes Jenny an apology.”