Restaurateur not happy TT in this current position

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Restaurateur not happy TT in this current position

CEO of the Trent Group Peter George Jr, who has been very vocal about government’s handling of the pandemic and the closure of businesses, said while he supports the measures in place, he is not happy at all that we’re in this position.

George made the comment to GML in response to the Prime Minister’s announcement of a State of Emergency.

George said he understands why the Government has implemented an SOE and he is confident that the country will get through this difficult situation.

He told the media house “I have said that I support stronger measures. I understand that the Government cannot call a curfew under the Public Health Ordinance so they need emergency powers, so I hope that the emergency powers are used for the right reasons to curtail the movement of people. I am not happy that we are in this position, but I support the measures taken.”