Repair works by WASA to affect water supply to various areas

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Repair works by WASA to affect water supply to various areas

While several parts of Port of Spain continue to be without pipe-borne water, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has now warned of an interruption in pipeborne water to various areas of Trinidad.

In a press release, it said that some areas of Freeport, Gran Couva, Moruga and Diego Martin will be affected by repairs.

The communities served by the Freeport Water Treatment Plant are experiencing an interruption in their normal supply. This is due to electrical problems that affect field operations of the facility’s supply well.

Emergency repair work is under way and is expected to be completed by 6 pm on February 17.
Areas affected include: Preysal, Lower Couva, Sapathay, Chickland, San Francisco, San Pedro, Mayo, Tortuga and Cedar Hill Road.

It also told customers in the Moruga area that there will be a disruption in their supply from today February 17 from 8am-6pm.

This has become necessary in order to do pipeline diversion work along Moruga Road, Indian Walk, associated with road stabilisation work by the Ministry of Works and Transport.
Areas to be affected include: Moruga Road, including Lower Indian Walk from Ramdhanie Trace to Fort George Road.

In addition, areas served by the River Estate Pumping Station, Diego Martin, will not receive water on February 18 from 9,30am-4 pm, because of pipe repairs there.
Areas that will be affected include: River Estate Development, North Post Road, Bagatelle Road, Blue Basin, Quarry Street, St Lucien Road, Blue Range, Green Hill and Dillon Street.

WASA said it may take up to 24 hours for the supply to become normal in some areas afterwards, but a limited truck-borne service will be available on request.
Customers can get more information from the toll-free number 800-4420/26.
WASA apologised for any inconvenience caused and thanked customers for their patience and understanding.