Relatives of the Buffalo grocery shooter uses COVID-19 as reason for the massacre

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Relatives of the Buffalo grocery shooter uses COVID-19 as reason for the massacre

Relatives of the Buffalo supermarket shooter are using COVID as a reason for the massacre.

They told The Post on Monday that 18-year-old Payton Gendron likely snapped because he was paranoid and had been isolated due to the pandemic.

Like is it hard for people to believe everything isn’t a mental illness? Sometimes it’s just RACISM.

They also said that they had no clue that he was an alleged white supremacist but did say he clearly needed help after threatening his high school classmates more than a year ago.

They don’t know if he ever received help.

“I have no idea how he could have gotten caught up in this. I blame it on COVID,’’ said Sandra Komoroff, 68, who is a cousin of Gendron’s mom, Pamela, when referring to the teen’s alleged hate-fueled rampage that took the lives of 10 black people at a Tops Friendly Market on Saturday.

“He was very paranoid about getting COVID, extremely paranoid, to the point that — his friends were saying — he would wear the hazmat suit [to school],” she added.

“And then he got COVID just a few weeks ago. … He went to family functions with a respirator mask on. He totally wasn’t going to get COVID — and then he got COVID.”

“They were vaxxed to the max,” she added in regards to the family. “I don’t know if it was a bad case, I just know he caught it.”

Apparently, Gendron had “bought into the fear of COVID.”

“That’s the only way to say it. And when you’re home all day on the internet, you’re missing out on human contact,” Sandra said. “There’s a lot of emotions and a lot of body language you’re not getting [as] when you see their face.”