Recovery Team Vice Chair Min. Le Hunte: “Team focused on Retooling, Remodelling and Transforming Trinidad & Tobago with a Cultural shift

Vice Chairman of the government’s post Covid-19 ‘Recovery team’ and Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte says the the ‘Recovery Team’ is working hard and will be able to deliver the first report to the Prime Minister on schedule this weekend. In an exclusive interview with IzzSO media he said the there is an opportunity for significant change in Trinidad & Tobago, where by a cultural shift must be part of how the country as a whole navigates this pandemic crisis and citizens move from being ‘spectators to actively participating citizens’ in national development ,change and progress. Minister Le Hunte said that creating the enabling environment is critical to Retooling , Remodelling and Transforming Trinidad & Tobago and its economy ,in addition to the importance of the role of “Culture” in that process:

Minister Le Hunte likened the country to a company. Successful companies create an enabling environment for workers to thrive. These companies have ‘core values’ which unties us and are translated into mechanism for performance, with core values. Likewise Trinidad & Tobago has watchwords ‘Discipline , Tolerance & Production which many will see as three basic core values:

The ‘recovery team’s Vice Chair also said ‘Cultural change’ dose not happen simply or easily, but be a series of specific activities including breaking down the ‘core values’ into behaviours, cementing the core values and behaviours into a reward system so that citizens and the country as a whole move to active participants in national development.Our ‘core values’ and ‘behaviours must be aligned: