“Rebellious” citizens incur $179k in mask fines thus far

“Rebellious” citizens incur $179k in mask fines thus far

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayson Forde, is exalting the population to do the right thing, after he revealed that approximately $179,000 in fines have been incurred by the public, since the T&T Police Service began enforcing the face mask law last Friday.

At the T&T Police Service press briefing yesterday, Forde said: “From last week Friday to present, 179 have been charged so far. What I want to impress is that is 179 multiplied by $1,000. So I want really to exalt to the population, because as uncomfortable as it might be, study those thousand dollars that you have to expend just because you want to be rebellious.”

The Deputy Commissioner also confirmed that up to yesterday, over 80 police recruits out of the 198 housed at the Police Academy in St James had tested positive for COVID-19.

Last week, the TTPS confirmed that 32 recruits had tested positive for the virus, with the Ministry of Health confirming a further 43 in its morning release.