RB Leipzig Goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo Expected to Join PSV

RB Leipzig Goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo Expected to Join PSV

Mvogo extends his contract in Leipzig, opening the possibility to take him over on a rental basis from the club that reached the semi-finals in the Champions League. Partly because he was in competition for so long, PSV had to be patient.

Becoming the goalkeeper will now be the first reinforcement for trainer Roger Schmidt, who previously indicated without much words that he wanted to welcome a new goalkeeper.

Where Mvogo comes, reserve goalkeeper Hidde Jurjus seems to be leaving Eindhoven quickly. He represents a transition to Germany. Robbin Ruiter previously left for Willem II. It is the reason why PSV would in any case be aiming for the arrival of a new goalkeeper. An agreement has also been made with Jeroen Zoet that the club will cooperate in a departure, when a nice club reports for him and wants to buy off his contract for another year.

An agreement that the club has made with several players in the past, because of their merits for the club. If Zoet were to leave for that reason, the flush with only Lars Unnerstall would suddenly be very thin. Just like last season, PSV opts for several full-fledged keepers.

Mvogo is an old acquaintance of assistant coach Lars Kornetka who has just left Leipzig. Schmidt is known that he prefers a strong soccer-playing keeper, who can also keep far from his goal with the space left by his teams behind the defense. Mvogo will of course first have to prove this in the last part of the preparation, when PSV still plays against Hertha BSC and VfL Bochum. Mvogo played only five league matches at Leipzig in three seasons. Last season he played three times in the German cup tournament, a year earlier he played ten matches for the Germans in the Europa League.