Rapper Pooh Shiesty Denies It’s Him in the Sextape


Rapper Pooh Shiesty Denies It’s Him in the Sextape

US Rapper Pooh Shiesty has responded to a viral sex tape coursing online that seems to show a rapper with a “1017” chain in bed having sex with a transgender woman.

The inscription of the video cut read, “Mind yo most loved rapper ! In a real sense ! Much obliged for the AP DADDY,” saying thanks to him for the costly watch and it didn’t take Twitter long to discover that the lady in the video was Nicki P.

Many on the internet have invested energy attempting to investigate whether the man in the video’s tattoos coordinated with Shiesty’s – thus far, it’s uncertain.


The chain likewise gave off an impression of being phony.

Pooh Shiety with on IG LIVE to deny all claims of it being him in the sex tape with the transgender woman, he speak in the video below:

Nicki P the transgender woman in the infamous video seems to have erased her Instagram since the video became a web sensation. Conceivably in light of the fact that Pooh followed up his tweet with, “Go Play with someone who ain’t gone execute you.”