Ransom increase- kidnappers want US $20,000 to release fishermen


Ransom increase- kidnappers want US $20,000 to release fishermen

The Venezuelan pirates who kidnapped three fishermen off the coast of Icacos on Tuesday morning are now demanding US $20,000 for their safe release.

Sources confirm that as of yesterday, Wednesday 9, the kidnappers have increased their demands; the initial amount was US $10,000. There were reports that the relative who went to pay the ransom was robbed but police sources confirm that is incorrect. However, a relative of one of the kidnapped men confirmed that he was robbed. He also said that he received a call yesterday, and one of the kidnappers told him of the increase.

The three fishermen, Ramkissoon Harricharan, 64; Keith “Carlo” Sneider, 61, and an unidentified, elderly Venezuelan man left Icacos around 5:00am on Tuesday. Witnesses say seven Venezuelan pirates approached the fishermen’s men boat, German 1, and held them at gunpoint. The pirates then forced the fishermen into their boat and stole German 1’s engine. The men were last seen being covered in the pirate’s boat. The pirates are said to be hiding out at Patos Island, an island near to Venezuela, where they conduct their operations.

More on this story as information becomes available.