Randolph Bharatt: “I was a junkie and Andrea saved my life”

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Randolph Bharatt: “I was a junkie and Andrea saved my life”

The story of Andrea Bharatt has struck a deep nerve in Trinidad and Tobago. This 23 year old young women who had the world at her feet and so much potential, struck down just as her life was starting to take shape. She had plans to marry and have a family. While the rest of the country can put aside the story and move on with their lives, it’s never going to be the same for Andrea’s father, Randolph Bharatt. He spoke to Izzso media about the anger he feels after his only child was so brutally taken from him.

In a very candid interview, he tells us that his early life was very difficult and that he was addicted to cocaine, alcohol and smoking. In his own world “he was a junkie”. He says Andrea’s birth changed him and saved his life:

He recounted fondly her birth, and that she was a different type of child from birth.

He said Andrea’s mother passed away when Andrea was just fifteen years old and when her mother died in 2012, his life was totally devoted to his daughter. He said he worked very hard over the years to provide for and educate his only child and now he’s left with nothing:

Randolph Bharatt is a very angry man, deeply grieving for his daughter:

He says the most frustrating part is that he has no answers and does not feel he will ever get justice for his daughters murder:

He is fearful for his own life and he shockingly revealed that he regularly fixed the cars of one of the men associated with Andrea’s murder. He stopped short of identifying the individual for fear that he too could easily end up a statistic and a dead man:

He feels like a sitting duck, vulnerable to any criminal at any time. he has not left his house since his daughter’s funeral;