Ramdial contesting post in UNC’s internal election

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Ramdial contesting post in UNC’s internal election

Could the fourth time be the charm for former UNC MP Ramona Ramdial?

Ramdial who currently supports Rushton Paray, is deciding if to contest a post in the party’s national executive election on Paray’s slate or independently according to a GML report.

She is said to have labelled the incumbent executive officers as a “bunch of dead horses”.

“The party needs a mix of experienced and youthful new people to properly prepare for general elections. But if UNC enters the general election with the current executive, it is guaranteed to lose,” Ramdial added yesterday, after collecting her nomination form from UNC’s head office in Chaguanas on Tuesday.

The internal election for the 17 executive posts is June 15. Nomination deadline is May 25.

Ramdial said, “I support MP Paray’s positions, we all work together but I’m yet to decide on if I’ll contest as an independent or contest with his slate. I’m observing what slates emerge and my decision would arise from that.”

She unsuccessfully contested posts (as an independent candidate) in UNC’s Natex election in 2015. She again contested unsuccessfully in the 2022 election on former Minister Vasant Bharath’s Team Lotus slate.

She said, “An overhaul of the Natex – all 17 posts – is needed as the UNC in T&T’s interest requires a competent group of people, a mix of experience and youthful new faces to get the ball rolling preparing for general election. Current officers have more or less not been working -posts are being held but there’s no activity.”

“The proactive Natex officeholders like myself, Jack Warner, Vasant (Bharath) had been workers. The current group I’d say are a ‘bunch of dead horses’. No energy, not doing anything different to grow membership especially in marginals,” Ramdial added.

“If that team is ‘engineered’ to win or is re-elected, the party will lose general elections as many incumbents have been in charge for the past three party terms since 2015, people keep being recycled in position yet UNC’s moved nowhere. We need workers.”