Rambally says Hinds needs to apologize for lumping UNC with criminals

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Rambally says Hinds needs to apologize for lumping UNC with criminals

Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally is calling for an apology from National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.

As he sees it, Hinds lumped the United National Congress in the same category as criminals, when he made the comment that he did not receive support from the party and that 70 percent of the population wants him to fail as minister.

In reference to reports that members of Jamaica’s opposition party signaled their intention to withdraw support for states of emergency in eight parishes, Hinds said TT’s government face similar challenges from its own Opposition.

In response, Rambally said Hinds was practising “divisive and insulting politics.

“Minister Hinds is deliberately conflating UNC supporters and criminals in one group. This is insulting to all people of TT.”

He said Hinds, who is “supposedly serving the country,” still manages to find the time to keep up with “distinctions of who is UNC, who is PNM and who is criminals.

“No government gets into power with the sole support of its base.”

He said he knows Hinds won’t do it, but called on him to “apologise to all UNC supporters for (his) public belittlement.”

He said the year cannot end with Hinds remaining as Minister of National Security.

Rambally said he is unsure whether criminals want him to fail or “that they are quite amused to see you flounder and give them a Christmas present on a platter by you remaining seated on the chair of national security. Either way, you have impressed nobody.”