Rambachan predicts low voter turnout for UNC internal election

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Rambachan predicts low voter turnout for UNC internal election

Former UNC MP Suruj Rambachan says a divided UNC will fall.

Speaking to media ahead of next Sunday’s internal elections, he said the UNC’s campaign has been acrimonious, especially on social media and he felt there was risk of low turnout.

He said: “A divided UNC will fall in 2025. The road to recuperation after elections will be long, I don’t think there’ll be full healing: this election was brutal for the wrong reasons. But members must put a halt to the rut that’s set in – direct what they want.”

Rambachan also believes that there will be low voter turnout in the internal elections on Sunday.

He said Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s campaign had failed to present plans for the UNC and was depending on members’ emotions.

“Having people sign support letters and make statements doesn’t point to deep changes.”.

Rambachan said “Divisions now being created will last a long, long time. I won’t be surprised if people search for and even create their own third force, or force unity like they did in 1983 with the accommodation that led to NAR.”