Rachael Sukhdeo says there’s a bounty for her life

Rachael Sukhdeo says there’s a bounty for her life

Rachael Sukhdeo, the wife of murdered businessman Sheron Sukhdeo, is pleading with the police service to protect her family.

Sukhdeo was speaking to talk show host Ian Alleyne mere days after two of Sukhdeo’s closest friends, Craig Hoi Pong and Neera Ramnath, were murdered. Sources say Sukhdeo was the intended target.

Speaking with Alleyne on Thursday, Sukhdeo asked, “Why are you all doing me this? When I met my husband we had nothing. I don’t care about anything material. What kind of life is this?”

Sukhdeo’s husband, Sheron, was murdered outside of the family’s home on March 26, 2018. Since then, there have been two attempts on Sukhdeo’s life and she has lost her brother, brother in law, neighbour, employees, and now her friends following his death.

She said, “The only thing that these people are behind are material things. Whatever my husband worked for. Now they are trying to get me out of the picture.”

On Sunday, Sukdeo, Ramnath and Hoi Pong were at Nia Valley in New Grant when gunmen approached the group and fired several shots. Hoi Pong a businessman was fatally shot.

Murdered: Craig Hoi Pong (left)

Ramnath, who sources say looked like Sukhdeo, suffered a worse fate as she was shot over 30 times.

Murdered: Neera Ramnath (left)

On Thursday, her casket remained closed during her burial as the high-powered rifle used to shoot her had disfigured her face.

Sukhdeo is asking why anyone would want to harm her since she has no enemies. She said she is a mother and a makeup artist. “I am not in any crime, no illegal activity, I am not involved in anything that could bring an argument much more to bring death upon me. I have no involvement in anything. Look how far they are taking it,” she said.

Since the attempt on her life last May, Sukhdeo said the event at Nia Valley was the second time that she left the house. Sukhdeo’s children were also at Nia Valley when the incident took place but both children remained unharmed.

She said she is begging for assistance from the police, particularly the homicide division.