Quamina new Heritage Chairman

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Quamina new Heritage Chairman

UNC Chairman
Dr David Lee

UNC Chairman and Opposition Chief Whip believes Government’s termination of Wilfred Espinet as chairman of Trinidad Petroleum is long overdue but Government has now compounded the situation by appointing a new Board and Chairman with absolutely no experience or competence in the critical energy sector. Dr Lee made the comments on the afternoon drive show on Power 102 yesterday.

He said the former Chairman Espinet has destroyed the country with regards to shutting down Petrotrin and putting 5,000 people on the breadline.

Lee also lamented the appointment of Newman Greoge to Chair the Board of Paria again he said with no track record experience in the energy sector.

Newman George

Government yesterday announced that Mr. Espinet would no longer be involved with any of the boards he had taken charge of during the transitional period following the closure of Petrotrin last November.

Attorney at Law Michael Quamina, the Attorney who previously represented the Prime Minister in personal matters, is the new Chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd and Heritage Petroleum Co Ltd.

Newman George, husband of Speaker Brigid Annisette-George, is the new chairman of Paria Fuel Trading Co and Guaracara Refining Co Ltd.

The full new Boards are as follows:

Heritage: Michael Quam­i­na (chair­man), Reynold Ad­jod­has­ingh (deputy), New­man George, An­tho­ny Chan Tack, Joel Hard­ing, Sel­wyn Lash­ley, Eu­stace Nan­cis.

Paria: New­man George (chair­man), Eu­stance Nan­cis, Chris­tine Sa­hadeo, Pe­ter Clarke, Reeza Saleem.

Guracara: New­man George (chair­man), An­tho­ny Chan Tack, Pe­ter Clarke, Chris­tine Sa­hadeo.

These changes were announced at the post Cabinet news briefing yesterday.