Puerto Rico’s COVID-19 Infected Cases Surpass 50,000

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Puerto Rico’s COVID-19 Infected Cases Surpass 50,000

After nine months since the first contagion was reported, Puerto Rico surpassed today, Saturday, the surprising number of 50,000 confirmed infections of COVID-19 after adding 850 new results that raised the total in this line to 50,081, according to the Department of Health.

The results reported today are based on samples that were taken in the period from November 12 to 26. However, the total was adjusted to add five cases, which had not been reported, from samples taken between September 22 and November 10.

The graph of epidemiological behaviour designed by Health shows that, according to the confirmed positive results, so far in November seven spikes of infections have been reported. From November 4 to November 18, days were recorded with 817, 892, 807, 861, 785, 875 and 915 positive cases confirmed on the same day. The figures highlighted above may change to add or subtract cases, depending on the adjustments Health makes in your BioPortal.

From elsewhere, seven new deaths were reported, all confirmed as having resulted from the contagion of COVID-19, which were registered between November 21 and 26. With these deaths, the total number of deaths on the island amounted to 1,083, which is broken down into 859 confirmed and 224 probable deaths.

“The change in the number of deaths should not be interpreted as having occurred in the last 24 hours. In the same way, it is important to point out that the death report may vary, to the extent that the processes of registration and codification of the causes of death take place, which could take several days, ”Salud cites in a press release.

Further, the agency reported 77 probable cases and 416 suspected cases that brought the totals for each line to 1,500 and 40,367, respectively.

Health detailed that the total of probable positive cases amounts to 1,452, but it was adjusted by subtracting 29 cases that had a positive molecular test. Likewise, the total number of suspected cases is 40,027, but it was adjusted after subtracting 86 cases that had a positive molecular test and one that had a positive antigen test.

Also, Health added 11 cases that had not been reported in the line of suspected cases and that their samples were taken between August 24 to October 8.

While, the number of hospitalized patients fell to 573, of which 92 are confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 90 are connected to an artificial respirator. To date, the country’s hospitals have 220 intensive care beds and 771 artificial respirators available for adults.

According to Health, the term confirmed positive case refers to infections whose result was validated by a PCR (molecular) test. The probable case is one whose positive result for the disease was obtained by antigen testing. Meanwhile, suspected cases, also known as antibody results, are those that have a positive serological test, and do not have a positive molecular or antigen test.

In addition, the agency explained a death confirmed by COVID-19 corresponds to the death of a person with one or more positive molecular tests. Probable death is the death of a patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19 through an antigen test or whose clinical picture meets the criteria to believe that he had COVID-19, but never had a molecular or antigen test to detect the virus. Meanwhile, suspicious death refers to the death of a person in which a specific antibody is detected in serum, plasma or through a serological test with their blood.