Public Sector to get programme to increase productivity levels


Public Sector to get programme to increase productivity levels

The public sector is set to get a boost with a new programme that will increase productivity levels.

Minister of Planning Camille Robinson-Regis said the Government is establishing a host of multi-sectoral activities that is aimed at boosting levels of productivity and standard work ethic in the country. Robinson-Regis said, “The issue of low productivity has negatively affected our nation for decades in both private and the public sectors which have in some ways delayed the overall development of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Robinson-Regis said that the programme will allow the Government to work closely with a few sectors such as the Construction, Retail and Tourism Sectors, Government Services and the Judicial System. The ministry will also undertake a few initiatives:

  • a public information and awareness campaign on Productivity and Service Excellence;
  • Re-examining the effect of public holidays with a view to minimising the impact of lost time;
  • Reforming work and procurement practices within the public sector and
  • Training managers in the exercise of respectful workplace discipline and effective industrial relations.

Since Dr. Rowley’ statement in August alluded to the fact that the productivity levels in the public service are low, citizens have been looking forward to see what can be done to reverse the effects.