PTSC denies reports of ‘bus breaking in half’

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PTSC denies reports of ‘bus breaking in half’

False! That’s what the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) had to say concerning video that a bus broke in half.

In statement dated two days, the PTSC is advising the population that the video circulating in relation to one of its articulated buses allegedly being broken in two is false.

In the video, (seen below) a male voice was heard claiming “the bus break in two”.

PTSC said: “Buses are outfitted with airbags and one of the centre bags on the bus would have failed. The mechanical mechanism connecting and controlling the front and rear of the bus was not affected and is functional.

“At no time in this specific instance was the safety of the commuters and driver/conductor compromised and the bus was able to move under its own power.

“As a matter of fact, the bus was in a parked position for loading passengers.”

The PTSC said following this incident it carried out inspections of all its articulated buses.