PTSC apologises for strike action done by “disgruntled drivers”


PTSC apologises for strike action done by “disgruntled drivers”

PTSC apologises to the traveling public who has been adversely affected by the disruption in our services over last few days.

According to a media released sent this evening by PTSC they’ve reported seeing over ten last didn’t months an increased of 30 buses in their daily runout, bringing their daily bus availability to 230 to serve the traveling public.

This is a direct result of the deliberate strategy of the PTSC to improve bus runout.

“This is why we consider this most unfortunate as the actions by some disgruntled drivers have had such an adverse impact on our available buses by some 10%, disrupting our service we provide to our valued commuters.”

According to the release their Engineering Department has done yeoman service to stabilize their fleet and refurbished Twelve (12) buses internally which have further improved the reliability of service to our commuters. We have achieved this notwithstanding the fact we do have an older fleet.

In 2018 they received 35 new buses and early in the New Year (2020), will receive another 25 new buses further increasing their operational fleet to 255 buses.

The PTSC claims that they will remain committed to serving the traveling public by providing a safe and reliable service, while spending the Government’s funding wisely.

“We again apologize to our valued commuters and assure you we are working diligently with all the stakeholders to ensure our services are returned to normalcy in the shortest possible time,” says PTSC.