PSA to challenge WASA’s transformation process

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PSA to challenge WASA’s transformation process

On the heels of comments from the Public Utilities Minister that WASA;s top-heavy management structure will be tackled in the latest phase of its restructuring, the Public Services Association (PSA) is planning to file another legal challenge.

Cabinet’s Human Resource Advisory Committee (HRAC) is reviewing recommendations for compensation packages for 226 new executive leadership position and Minister Marvin Gonzales said once approved, “an announcement will be made almost immediately.”

PSA President, Leroy Baptiste, said the aim is not to stop the restructuring process but to challenge Government’s approach which he described as anti-trade union and anti-worker.

“They will engage in lip service consultation and then do what? Destroy workers’ lives! That has been their modus operandi, to not engage in meaningful consultation to see how best both parties can treat with the matter,” Baptiste said.

He added that the PSA has been trying to meet with WASA’s management to fill the vacancies and regularise people’s status.

“There are hundreds of vacant positions which they refuse to fill and have workers working temporarily because, for more than two decades, they have had people who retire from WASA on salaries that are nowhere on the salaries they were working on, “ he said.