PSA ordered to pay Duke his pension benefits

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PSA ordered to pay Duke his pension benefits

Watson Duke had a minor win in the court on Friday, as a judge granted him an interim injunction ordering the Public Services Association (PSA) to pay his pension benefit immediately until his lawsuit against the union goes to court.

The interim injunction was granted by High Court judge, Frank Seepersad.

There will be a hearing of Duke’s substantive lawsuit on July 8, before the docketed judge, Justice Marissa Robertson.

One of Duke’s attorneys, Chelsea Edwards, said Duke had no other source of income, as he was now retired and looking towards his pension benefit.

She said, “The applicant’s/claimant’s financial reserves are quickly depleting and is now being threatened with legal action by financial institutions for the arrears in his loan payments.

“The applicant/claimant suffered significant financial losses as a result of the actions of the respondent/defendant in not only refusing to pay his pension benefits but also refusing to pay his legitimate pension benefits.

“If left without a pension the applicant/claimant is facing grave financial impecunity.”

Duke is also seeking declarations that his rights and his contract of employment were breached by the refusal to pay his pension.

He was the PSA’s president from November 2009-December 2021.