PSA Elections heat up-Police break up fracas

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PSA Elections heat up-Police break up fracas

More drama at PSA headquarters as patrolling police had to intervene in a fracas outside the Public Services Association’s (PSA) headquarters in Port of Spain on Monday night.

The drama unfolded as one team lit candles on the stairs of the PSA offices and incumbent PSA President Watson Duke reportedly ‘kicking down’ the lit candles and chastising those who lit the candles, saying it was a fire hazard. The drama continuing in an already contentious election after years of delays and postponements.

This latest incident occurred between two of the six teams contesting the upcoming PSA elections, Game Changers led by incumbent Watson Duke and Concerned Public Officers (CPO) led by Curtis Cuffie.

The clash between the two teams occurred hours after the PSA’s election committee agreed to postpone PSA elections to December 14. The original date scheduled for this coming Monday 23rd November, 2020.

The decision made on the rescheduling of the election was made during a virtual hearing before Justice Nadia Kangaloo, after the judge found the voters’ list was tainted by way of numerous duplication of names in the list’s current form.

The election will only proceed once the judge and all other parties in the matter agree that the list has been properly sanitised.